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Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test

Samsung launched a beast phone a few days back with 256GB UFS 3.0 storage and 12GB of RAM. It is for sure one of the most powerful Android smartphones available in the market but is it powerful enough to compete with a year-old iPhone XS Max? Here is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max speed test.

A speed test conducted by EverythingApplePro on Youtube and it proved that the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ os no match for an iPhone XS Max.

This speed test involved opening several apps, uploading a video and more. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ took 2 minutes and 49 seconds as compared to iPhone XS Max which took 37 seconds less than Note 10+ and did everything in 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

Quite a surprise that a year old device beats the latest flagship Note 10+ from Samsung.

Galaxy Note 10+, however, won the game of loading apps from RAM. It took 27 seconds to load apps and did not unload any app compared to iPhone XS Max which took 1 minute and 33 seconds. It should be noted here that iPhone XS Max is equipped with only 4GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max is no match when it comes to RAM as Apple has a history of shipping iPhones and iPads with less RAM than it is required for multitasking.


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