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Apple Suspends Siri Grading That Let Apple Employees to Listen To Siri Recordings

In a statement today, Apple announced that it is suspending Siri grading that enabled human Apple Team to listen and grade Siri recordings for quality control purpose.

Apple is developing a new policy which’ll enable users to opt-out if they don’t want to take part in Siri grading. Apple is currently reviewing the whole grading program.

What are Siri recordings?

Siri recordings are the responses people give to Siri, they can also be the recording of time when Siri thought someone has said “Hey Siri”. The later are those when the users don’t even know that Siri has been activated and listening to them. This means that random snippets from people’s lives were retained for quality control purpose and humans in Apple teams were listening to them.

As of now Apple has suspended the Siri grading program. We don’t know yet how long will it take for Apple to devise a new policy. What we do know is that once this new policy takes effect, Apple users will be able to opt-out of the Siri program if they don’t want to take part in Siri grading.


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