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HBO’s Former CEO in Talks With Apple TV+ To Produce Apple Originals

Richard Plepler was the CEO of HBO for more than three decades, he is the person who took HBO to become the industry leader. Plepler parted ways with HBO when the company was acquired by AT&T sensing that he won’t have much autonomy after the acquisition. Plepler will soon be making shows for Apple TV+.

HBO aired some iconic shows during Plepler’s leadership. Game of Thrones is one of them, adding him to Apple TV+ would definitely add some influence not to mention Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steven Spielberg are already working with Apple TV+.

The deal is between Richard Plepler’s RLP & Co. a production company he established after leaving HBO. There is no confirmation on what type of projects Apple TV+ and Plepler will be working on but reports suggest that they will be big-budget and high profile projects.

Richard Plepler former CEO & Chairman of HBO will join hands with Apple TV+, and content is what Apple TV+ needs the most now since Disney+ has also jumped into the streaming business with a huge content library.


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