Screen Time in iOS 13.3 Will Let Parents Set Communication Limits on Texting/Calling

Screen Time debuted in iOS 12 last year, a feature that lets parents see how much time their kids are spending on their devices. Another feature that let parents set limits to late-night FaceTime and Texting and more, this is called Communication Limits.

Parents will be able to limit their child to communicate with only those which are in the contact app. Parents will also limit their child to talk with people in a preset list, this feature will work during the ‘Downtime’ and will block communications with everyone else.

These Screen Time communication limits will apply to Phone App, FaceTime, and Messages.

Screen Time Communication Limits Release Date

This feature is still in beta testing, developers with iOS 13 beta program have received the iOS 13.3 developer beta 1. The release date of iOS 13.3 is still unknown.


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