Apple may let you choose your favorite browser or email client in iOS 14

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman wrote today that Apple may be working on a feature that’ll let users set their favorite browser or email client as the default app. This feature won’t be available until iOS 14.

The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple’s mobile devices, replacing the company’s Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter.

Users had complained about Apple not allowing them to use their favorite apps as default and Apple might just have heard that call. Compared to Android, Apple didn’t allow users to select default apps for different features. For example, deleting the Contacts App will move all of your contacts to the Phone App. Also, if you delete the FaceTime app, you’ll have to make FaceTime calls through your phone App. Here’s what Apple says:

If you delete the Apple Books, Maps, Music or Podcast apps, they won’t be available to use with CarPlay. If you delete the Music app, you’ll be unable to play audio content in its library using Apple apps or third-party apps on some car stereos or stereo receivers .

And this is what Bloomberg said on this issue:

The web browser and mail are two of the most-used apps on the iPhone and iPad. To date, rival browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox and mail apps like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook have lacked the status of Apple’s products.

If a user clicks a web link sent to them on an iPhone, it will automatically open in Safari. Similarly, if a user taps an email address — say, from a text message or a website — they’ll be sent to the Apple Mail app with no option to switch to another email app.

Are you annoyed by this limiting feature of iOS? What are your favorite apps that you would like to use as you default?

Let us know in the comments.


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